About Us

Easton Coach Company's Lehigh Valley Headquarters

Easton Coach Company’s Lehigh Valley Headquarters

25+ years

400+ vehicles

600+ trained professionals

1.8 million passengers each year

>12 million vehicle miles annually

#1 priority: safety




After more than a quarter century, Easton Coach Company remains a leader in passenger ground transportation, providing unmatched motorcoach and transit services.

Founded in 1984 and incorporated as Easton Coach Company in 2002, we are headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, with additional facilities throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Easton Coach Company boasts the sixth largest fleet among the industry’s top 50 motorcoach carriers (METRO Magazine, 2011) with a fleet exceeding 400 vehicles, including about 350 paratransit vans, as well as luxury motorcoaches, old-fashioned trolleys and 21-passenger minibuses. Easton Coach Company’s motorcoach charter fleet is the largest in the Lehigh Valley and features top-of-the-line luxury motorcoaches expertly designed for safe, reliable and comfortable travel. To expertly manage the fleet, Easton Coach Company employs a staff of more than 600 trained professionals.

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