Frequently Asked Questions


What separates Easton Coach Company from its competitors?
Easton Coach Company is a trusted passenger transportation provider with over 25 years of experience operating a variety of motorcoach and transit services from our locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, based in the Lehigh Valley. Our experienced, professional and courteous drivers are carefully selected and well trained. In addition to qualified drivers, Easton Coach Company’s management team and operations staff comprise knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who are committed to safe operations and excellent customer service. Our sizeable, diverse fleet is meticulously maintained and carefully inspected. Easton Coach Company maintains an excellent reputation both locally and regionally, and actively participates within the communities in which we operate.

What types of services does Easton Coach Company offer?
Easton Coach Company offers luxury motorcoach and minibus charters, scheduled line-run services to several Pennsylvania and New Jersey casinos, and a variety of one-day trips to several popular regional attractions and destinations, perfect for both single riders and groups of any size.

Who are Easton Coach Company’s customers?
Nearly 300,000 motorcoach passengers – including large groups, senior citizens, school and university groups, youth organizations, tour operators and individual riders – choose Easton Coach Company each year for their motorcoach transportation needs. Easton Coach Company’s customer base is diverse in both age and interests, completing trips anywhere from one day to several weeks in duration, to numerous different locations for countless purposes, including leisure trips, corporate retreats and events, family reunions, weddings and special celebrations and sporting or other events. We are headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley; however, we provide transportation services throughout the United States and Canada.

Do Easton Coach Company motorcoaches travel out of state? Out of the country?
Yes. Easton Coach Company provides motorcoach transportation services throughout the United States and Canada and can accommodate trips of any distance and any duration, subject to availability.

What is Easton Coach Company’s Department of Transportation (DOT) number?
Easton Coach Company’s DOT number is 1020738.

What is Easton Coach Company’s DOT safety rating?
Easton Coach Company maintains the highest safety rating, as reported by the Department of Transportation. More information on our safety record is available by accessing the DOT’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System. Click www.safersys.org to view Easton Coach Company’s safety performance over the past 24 months.

How much liability insurance does Easton Coach Company carry?
Easton Coach Company carries $10 million in automobile and liability coverage on its motorcoaches – twice the amount required by the Department of Transportation.

What is the size of Easton Coach Company’s fleet?
Easton Coach Company boasts the sixth largest fleet among the industry’s top 50 motorcoach carriers (METRO Magazine, 2011) with a vehicle count exceeding 400. This includes about 350 paratransit vans and numerous other vehicles, such as luxury motorcoaches and 21-passenger minibuses. Our motorcoach charter fleet is the largest in the Lehigh Valley and features top-of-the-line motorcoaches expertly designed for safe, reliable and comfortable travel.

How can I contact Easton Coach Company’s motorcoach sales department?
Our motorcoach sales representatives are eager to hear from you. Contact us by phone at 1-800-WE-BUS-4-U (1-800-932-8748) X3, e-mail us, or click here to submit your questions through our website. You can also visit our motorcoach sales office located at our Lehigh Valley headquarters (1200 Conroy Place, Easton, PA 18040) during regular business hours.

What are the hours of operation for Easton Coach Company’s motorcoach sales department?
Our motorcoach sales office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Should you need to contact the motorcoach sales team outside of business hours for emergency or other purposes, Easton Coach Company’s 24/7 dispatch office, open 365 days each year, can be reached at 610-253-4055.

How do I request a quote for a motorcoach charter?
To request a motorcoach charter quote, call the motorcoach sales department at 1-800-WE-BUS-4-U (1-800-932-8748) x3, email us, or complete an online request form.

Is a deposit required for motorcoach charters?
Typically, deposits are required for motorcoach charters, unless otherwise negotiated within the contract. Please contact a motorcoach sales representative for further details on pricing and payment inquiries.

When is final payment due for motorcoach charters?
We require final payment for motorcoach charters two weeks prior to date of departure.

What forms of payment does Easton Coach Company accept?
We accept all forms of payment.

Will I receive documentation when I book an Easton Coach Company trip?
Yes. Immediately following completion of your booking, a motorcoach sales representative will send you a confirmation – and a receipt for your deposit transaction, if requested – by mail, e-mail or fax, according to your preference.

Does Easton Coach Company package and sell one-day tours? Are motorcoach trips available for single riders?
Yes. Easton Coach Company operates a variety of one-day motorcoach trips perfect for single riders and groups alike. These trips include a one day trip to Mohegan Sun every Tuesday with several area locations for pickup, as well as other trips to special events, attractions and destinations such as the Philadelphia International Flower Show.

Is Easton Coach Company’s fleet handicapped-accessible?
Yes. Our motorcoach fleet includes a handicapped-accessible bus complete with a wheelchair lift and flexible seating arrangements to accommodate our passengers with special needs.

Are gratuities included in the cost of my trip?
No, gratuities are not included in the cost of the charter.

What gratuity would you recommend?
Gratuities are discretionary, but common practice is usually between 10-20% of trip cost, or $2-$3 per person, per day.

Does Easton Coach Company offer any discounts or promotions?
Yes. Easton Coach Company frequently offers special discounts promotions. For details on current or upcoming deals, click here.

How do I reserve a seat on a scheduled trip?
To make a reservation, call the motorcoach sales department 1-800-WE-BUS-4-U (1-800-932-8748) x3, email us, or complete an online request form. You can also visit our motorcoach sales office located at our Lehigh Valley headquarters (1200 Conroy Place, Easton, PA 18040) during regular business hours.

May I bring food and drink on-board the vehicle?
Yes. We appreciate your consideration in keeping the vehicle clean, and properly disposing of all trash.

Is alcohol permitted onboard motorcoaches?
Yes, alcohol is permitted onboard motorcoaches; however, a security deposit is generally required. We would encourage you to enjoy responsibly.

Are animals allowed onboard motorcoaches?
Service animals are permissible onboard motorcoaches; however, all other animals are prohibited.

Are there luggage restrictions for motorcoach trips?
No specific luggage restrictions exist; however, please contact the motorcoach sales department if you have specific concerns or questions about baggage.

What is Easton Coach Company’s cancellation policy?
Easton Coach Company offers full refunds for cancellations made at least 30 days prior to departure. We recognize that emergencies happen and certain situations necessitate that a trip be canceled within the 30-day period prior to departure, and we are happy to discuss your specific situation with you and negotiate a partial refund depending on the circumstances. Please contact the motorcoach sales department for further information on cancellations.

How many passengers do I need to charter a motorcoach?
There is no minimum passenger requirement to charter any of our vehicles. If you would like to charter a motorcoach but have a smaller group, the motorcoach sales team can help pair two or more small groups, or can market the trip to single riders to fill the vacancies on the motorcoach. This will help make the trip more affordable. Please contact the motorcoach sales team if you are interested in this or if you have any questions regarding vehicle selection for your specific group charter.

How many passengers can an Easton Coach Company motorcoach carry?
Our motorcoaches can accommodate up to 57 passengers. Minibuses have a passenger capacity of 21, and trolleys can accommodate between 26-30 passengers. Wheelchair lift-equipped motorcoaches and trolleys are available.

Where can my group board the motorcoach for a chartered trip?
Pick-up and drop-off location(s) are determined by the customer; however, groups are responsible for obtaining permission to use their requested pick-up spots.

Do Easton Coach Company motorcoaches have restrooms?
Yes, all of our motorcoaches have onboard restrooms.

What onboard features are available on Easton Coach Company motorcoaches?
Our motorcoach fleet is outfitted with a host of modern amenities for maximum passenger comfort. Click here for a complete listing. To make specific requests regarding vehicle amenities, or for more information on our motorcoach fleet, please call the motorcoach sales department at 1-800-WE-BUS-4-U (1-800-932-8748) x3, email us, or click here to submit your questions through our website.

Does Easton Coach Company operate scheduled casino line-run services?
Yes. For our casino line run schedule, click here.

Where are the pick-up and drop-off points for Easton Coach Company’s scheduled motorcoach trips?
We offer several convenient pick-up and drop-off points for our scheduled motorcoach trips – click here for details. Also, we can often accommodate groups’ requests to add specific pick-up and drop-off locations. Please contact the motorcoach sales department for more information.

How far in advance should I make my charter reservation?
We can accept last-minute reservations according to availability, but recommend that you make reservations as soon as you have finalized your trip details to ensure that we can accommodate your request.

Can Easton Coach Company help me decide on a destination for my group?
We are more than happy to suggest travel locations, although we do not plan trips out for our customers. We will assist with any questions in the arranging of your transportation. Please contact the motorcoach sales department and we’ll get started!

Are there any days on which Easton Coach Company motorcoaches do not operate?
We are open 365 days a year, and can accommodate your requests according to availability.


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